Extra curricular classes


Extra curricular classes


Music benefits children in many respects. Music and its related movement development offer children ways to express themselves, their feelings, experiences and ideas. In The Children´s House children engage with a trained music teacher at regular periods. They are lead to experience music through games, songs, dance, rhythm activities, special events, and soft music playing in the classrooms. In addition, through listening they are introduced to the sounds made by different instruments and they learn to identify these instruments.

The Physical and Health Education program

The Children´s House has two key objectives in this area: the first is to provide the skills and encouragement to help children grow and develop in a healthy way, the second is to help children develop habits that will promote positive health and fitness choices throughout their lives. Children are moving all the time in a Montessori classroom. They move to learn, to stretch and go on to new activities. They move in their Physical Education classes, and weather permitting, they are outdoors for a minimum of one hour daily. Time after time researchers have proven that the growing bodies of children need regular movement – they need it for physical development, to stay healthy, to help manage emotional change and to keep their minds focused and alert. In its internal gymnasium, The Children's House provides spacious, rich and relevant sport materials in additon with program which contains an abundance of age-appropriate activities related to physical movement with a trained sport teacher at regular intervals.


Role play is a natural behavior displayed by children during play, emerging as the child develops his/her memory, imagination and ability to symbolise. By re-imagining themselves in different roles, children can re-enact previous experiences as well as rehearse future events. In The Children´s House we provide resources to inspire spontaneous role play and we use this fun activity as an opportunity to introduce behavioural patterns. We provide materials, initiate role-play scenarios, make occasional suggestions or ask questions to stimulate children´s imagination.